Aimee Sherwood Cowichan District Hospital Foundation

Alice Gelpke

Island Health
Alistair McGregor

Amy Trippe Brophy

Citizen at Large

Bob Day Town of Lake Cowichan

Colleen Fuller

Cowichan Valley Basket Society

Chris Hall Cowichan Housing

Cindy Lise

OCCHN Facilitator

Danita Senf   BC Schizophrenia Society
Dave Ehle Canadian Mental Health
Dr David Robertson Regional Executive Director Island Health
Denise McKinley Cowichan District Hospital Foundation

Denise Williams

CVRD Youth Outreach

Diane Pope

Arbutus Ridge Rate Payers

Douglas Hardie

Discovery Youth and Family Services

Gretchen Hartley

Cowichan Valley Hospice Soc.

Gus Williams

Community Options society

James Tousignant

Canada Mental Health Association

Jan Tatlock

Island Health

Jane Hope

Alzheimer’s Society of BC

Jane Osborne BC Response Networks

Jennifer Yee Fairweather

Citizen at Large

Jennifer Jones

Lyackson First Nation

Jodie McDonald   Cowichan Caregivers Support Society
John Elzinga Cowichan Valley Regional District

Joyce Behnsen

Municipality of North Cowichan
Kate Marsh Cowichan Valley Regional District
Kayla Clarke Sun Drops Child Development Centre

Laura Court

Cowichan Success By 6

Linda Roseneck

Lori Iannidinardo CVRD Cowichan Bay

Melie De Champlain

Island Health Director

Michelle Staples

Social Planning Cowichan
Pam Alcorn Citizen at large  

Robert Calnan

Citizen at Large

Rhoda Taylor Citizen at Large  

Rob Hutchins

CVRD Ladysmith and SD 79 Trustee

Robin Routledge

CDH Specialist

Sheila Service

Cowichan Seniors Association

Tara McCaffery BC Schizophrenia Society
Terri Dame Cowichan Housing

Travis Peterson

Cowichan Intercultural Society
Valorie Masuda Cowichan Division of Family Practice